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Altitud: 2320 masl

Harvest: November /18 to February/19

Process: Natural

Region: Hambella, Guji, Southern Ethiopia

Variety: Heirloon

Cup Score: 88

Owner: Abiyot Boru

This lot is our first lot we have bought from the Goro washing station. The washing station is located at 2320masl. This area of Guji is one of the most exciting in all of Ethiopia, with very high altitudes and young, vigorous plants. This area of Hambella has only recently started producing coffee, where before it was too cold, now coffee can grow and thrive. Since production started relatively recently, the plants are still young and full of health and the slow growth and maturity means that the cup quality in this area is outstanding.

Cherry delivered to this station is sorted, washed and floated before being placed on raised beds to dry. The cooler temperatures at this altitude means that the naturals take a long time to dry, around 40 days.

Abiyot, the owner and manager, has focused on producing the best quality coffee possible. Almost all of the coffees produced at his stations are naturals. The cherry selection in this Farm is by far the best we have seen in our guest coffees from Ethiopia, which shows on the cupping table.

CUP PROFILE: Cardamon, apricot, caramel and an orange liqueur finish.

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