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  • El Salvador (EL Cipres) Macerated natural
  • Altitude: 1070 – 1800 masl
  • Preparation: Macerated natural
  • Location: Balsamo-Quezaltepec, San Salvador Department
  • Farmer: Alvaro Gallardo
  • Variety: Bourbon

El Pipres Farm is located on the North slopes of the Picacho Volcano in the Balsamo-Quezaltepec coffee region, in the municipality of Nejapa, Department of San Salvador. This farm has been in the family since 1880 after being bought by Dr. Emilio Alvarez Lalinde when the family migrated to El Salvador from Colombia bringing with them an ancestry and knowledge in coffee production.

Macerated Natural, once floated and separated the coffee is then placed submerged in a sealed container for 24 hours before then being removed and cleaned. From here it is hen placed onto raised beds before then being turned regularly every hour to ensure an even drying down to 11%. The Maceration process should bring about a more pronounced acidity but still with the body and flavour of a natural.

Notes: Ripe-plum and cherry, bright winey acidity, vanilla and dark chocolate.

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