Aeropress Coffee Maker

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If you are seeking for a simple, cost effective way to brew outstanding coffee easily, quickly and whilst travelling then the Aeropress is worth value for you. 

Between an espresso machine and filter coffee

Made of food safe plastic the Aeropress acts as a big syringe. Water and coffee to go into the lower chamber. A paper filter is placed in the cap. Then after 30-45 seconds of brewing time, the plunger is pushed down and this forces the water through the coffee and the paper filter resulting a very smooth, full flavoured brew.

Benefits and Features:

  • Quick and Easy
  • Un-breakable
  • Easy to clean after use. Just throw away paper filter and start again
  • Brews one cup at time
  • Comes with 350 paper filters, stirrer, scoop, paper filter holder and funnel.
  • We sell paper filters separately.


Please see our brew guide page for brewing instructions.

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