Timemore chestnut manuel grinder black

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Inside this impressive black box you will find the most exquisite hand grinder. From the moment you pick up this hand crafted grinder and even before you grind your first beans, you'll be sold by the detachable metal handle, its perfectly formed chestnut body and the sheer weight of it.

Everything about it is reassuring and quality. For example adjusting the grind size point by point is easy as the ground size is shown next to the correct setting.

It contains a dual ball bearing system to ensure no uneven grinding. This makes an awesome gift for any coffee lover who desires the best they can get from their coffee.

Please note, it can grind approx 30g of beans, suitable for pour over, syphon, French Press and espresso machines.

We love this grinder, the box it comes in and the attention to detail; it’s elegance produce such an even grind.

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