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This is our new special edition coffee.

Monteverde is a 15-hectare farm cultivating the unique coffee varieties of Red and Yellow Bourbon, Geisha, Wush Wush, and Mocca belonging to Gilardo Gutierrez. The Gutierrez family has been cultivating coffee on Monteverde for more than 70 years. The farm’s attention to detail includes harvesting coffee cherries at optimal ripeness and controlling fermentation for up to 36 hours, which leads to unique fruit characteristics in the cup. Coffee is dried on raised beds in a solar dryer built with a clear plastic roof allowing for airflow that maintains low temperatures during the drying process, which can take up to 25 days for Natural processed coffees.
There are two harvest periods per year in Colombia, the fly crop in April-June and the main harvest in October-December. Monteverde also grows avocado and citrus—lemons, oranges, tangerines—for local consumption.

Newerly, Gilardo’s son, describes the family history. “Mine is the fourth generation living from coffee. The three children in the family are professional cuppers and we have spent eight years producing exotic coffees after hearing about the success of farms like La Esmeralda in Panama. They were certified organic for many years, but even though they do not maintain an active certificate, still practice clean agriculture on the farm.”

Roast: Medium Light
Body: Light bodied
Notes: Black cherry, apple, sugar-cane
Farm: Monteverde
Farmer: Gutiérrez Falla Family
Elevation: 1850 Meters
Location: Tolima, Colombia
Process: Black Honey Process

We do enjoy being able to offer limited-release, extraordinary, and exceptional coffees. These are the coffees that we only have available for a limited time.

Because of the nature of these offerings, they are designed for fanatic coffee lovers who are always on the hunt for the next mind-blowing coffee.

This is a rare coffee varietal which is so scarcely available, we only imported enough to roast a few small batches. It’s one of the highest-rated coffees we’ve ever sourced.