Coffee and pastries

The coffee and pastry pairing has gone hand-in-hand for plenty of centuries.

Pastries and coffee. The combo that can make or break your coffee drinking experience at home or in the cafe. This combo is a crucial part to some and of lesser importance to others. To us, we take pride in the pastries we provide and joy with our coffees. So, what makes these combos so exciting and what can you enjoy when you enjoy this combo with us? Read on to learn more about this exciting pairing!

Why the Pairing?

The coffee and pastry pairing has gone hand-in-hand for plenty of centuries. It dates back to old Ethiopian coffee rituals and group gatherings when coffee simply wasn’t enough. When coffee finally reached the Middle East, those who drank the thick and bitter drink always had something sweet on the side. As coffee culture spread into Europe, the idea of having something sweet on the side became increasingly popular, as well. It was only a matter of time before croissants and stroopwafels became a new normal with coffee.

The pairing does incredibly well as the creaminess of coffee is met with the chewiness of a pastry. Through flavor and texture, it’s a combination that holds history and an experience unlike any other food or beverage.

Our Pastries

At our cafes in Oxford and Summertown, you can find a variety of pastries and sweets ranging from croissants to brownies to muffins. Our croissants offer a great opportunity to enjoy the buttery texture while sipping on one of our rich Colombia pour overs. For those who enjoy sweetness all-around can enjoy one of our brownies with a hot vanilla latte in the morning or an iced latte in the afternoon. For those who are more traditional in their pastry selection can enjoy one of our English muffins with clotted cream and strawberry jam on top with a double shot espresso on the side.

We all love a bit of sweetness to compliment our coffees, but sometimes it’s a matter of what kind of sweetness. Fortunately we’ve got what you need and more! Give us a visit and let us know which pastries you enjoy with your morning coffee.