Our Story

Our Story

Colombia Coffee Roasters is a family-run company that celebrates the high quality and diversity of Colombian coffee.

We focus on sourcing, roasting, and brewing 100% arabica coffee, showcasing the incredible range of tasting notes the country has to offer.

By maintaining direct relationships with our producers, we ensure that our customers can buy outstanding quality coffee whenever they want.

We exchange constant feedback with our experienced farmers, exploring innovative farming practices and exciting processing techniques.

Sustainability is at the heart of what we do. Some of our coffees are produced by indigenous communities that have worked the Colombian soil for centuries. Here, they use a combination of traditional and cutting-edge agricultural practices to ensure the longevity of the local coffee industry and the many thousands of people who depend on it.

At Colombia Coffee Roasters, we take this excellent coffee and roast it all in-house so you can enjoy the best coffee in Oxford from the comfort of your home.

However, if you want someone to handle the brewing process for you, then visit our cafés in Oxford. Across our locations, our highly-skilled baristas put countless hours into getting the best out of every coffee. Come and try our selection!

We also offer a comprehensive range of coffee subscriptions. With these, you can order coffee online and sample the rich diversity of flavours that Colombian coffee has to offer.

Finally, if you’re ready to take the next step in your specialty coffee journey, we teach several coffee masterclasses right here in Oxford. Join us to take a deep dive into espresso, latte art, and filter brewing and take your coffee brewing game to the next level.

All that’s left to do is explore our full range of coffees here.