Home Brewing Videos


So you’ve heard about the AeroPress, but you don’t know how it works. This video demonstrates how to brew outstanding coffee using one of the world’s most popular portable brewers.

Keen to try it yourself? The AeroPress method will bring the best out of our Finca El Porvenir Red Honey from Colombia, including intense honey and vanilla aromas and notes of roasted cacao.

Brew Perfect Coffee with AeroPress

Kalita Wave

The Kalita Wave has become one of the more popular pour over coffee brewers in recent years. Specialty coffee baristas use it to minimise bitterness and highlight more delicate tasting notes. This video demonstrates how.

We recommend pairing this method with our Organic Tolima Hermes Laguna Fully Washed coffee from Colombia. The Kalita’s flat bottom and ridged sides will help bring out notes of plum, pecan, redcurrant, and cherry.

Brew Perfect Coffee with Kalita Wave

Syphon Brewing

First developed in Berlin, Syphon brewing represents one of the more eccentric coffee brewing methods used today. It’s particularly popular in Japan, where baristas value its unique visual appeal and flavour profile. This video demonstrates how you can use it at home.

This remarkable immersion brewing method pairs well with our Federacion Campesina Filter Roast. You’ll enjoy chocolate flavours among some fruity notes, and good balance with bright acidity.

Brew Perfect Coffee with Syphon