Espresso roasted coffee beans

Espresso roasted coffee beans

Espresso coffee showcases a variety of different ways to enjoy coffee. It is a part of most coffee shop’s most rotated coffees. They make-up your favorite lattes and espresso shots. But what most don’t know is there are specific roast profiles that make up a great espresso. We recently spoke on different roast profiles but today we will focus on the espresso roast file. Sit back, grab an espresso, and learn more about what makes espresso roast profiles unique and delicious in your everyday coffees!

What Is Espresso Roasted Coffee?

First, to clear any misconceptions, a lot of times people think espresso refers to a type of bean or a type of coffee. In part, espresso is a type of brew method that requires high pressure and high concentration of water being pushed through coffee. Espresso roasts are essentially complimentary to the type of brew method.

Espresso roasted coffee is typically a darker roasted coffee. In darker roasted coffees, more solubles become present in a strong, rich, and acidic shot of coffee. When roasted darker, more oils and sugars are caramelized during the roasting process which then creates more solubles within the coffee. Darker roasted coffee has been popularized for its strength and richness among commodity coffee drinkers. However, when roasted to perfection, espresso roasts are perfect for specialty coffee drinkers looking for a balance of richness, acidity, and sweetness.

Espresso Roasted Coffee

Why Espresso Roasted Coffee?

Because there is so much high pressure and high concentration during an espresso brew, the maximum of soluble and lipids are extracted from the coffee, creating a rich, creamy, sweet, and acidic coffee. Because of this extraction, coffees are roasted specifically for this brew method in order to develop the most solubles and lipids that will be extracted to create a great espresso.

Espresso roasted coffee allows for the development of a coffee suitable for your shots, macchiatos, cappuccinos, and lattes. They create a texture and body that is ideal for milk incorporation. Espressos are a staple and base to our cafe’s success and ability to offer great beverages to our customers.

Espresso Roasted Coffee

Our Coffees

At Colombia Coffee Roasters, we are fortunate to roast and offer some incredible coffees that are meant specifically for espresso. Our Fully Washed Gentleman’s Espresso from Colombia is currently on bar and on offer via our online store. It offers incredibly sweet flavors of caramel and dark brown sugar that leads to red fruits as it cools. This a coffee you want to get your hands on!

Gentleman’s Espresso Roasted Coffee

We now have a better understanding of an espresso roasted coffee. So, now let’s enjoy an espresso virtually together and let’s savor the beauty that comes with this beverage.