Geisha coffee from Finca Monteverde

Geisha coffee from Finca Monteverde

Colombia continuously surprises the coffee community with beautiful new coffees harvest after harvest. From Narino up to the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia’s coffee-producing regions are unique and produce incredibly tasting coffees. One of our newest, limited-edition coffees is a Geisha variety from Finca Montverde in Tolima, Colombia. Tolima is known for producing some of Colombia’s highest quality coffees and it is an honor to feature this special medition coffee. Read on to learn more about this region, the farm, and this beautiful Geisha coffee.

Tolima, Colombia

Tolima Colombia is one of the more centrally located regions in Colombia that reaches altitudes of more than 2,000 masl. It’s a region that has historically been war-torn by paramilitaries and guerilla forces. Today, it’s a region that is prosperous in coffee production among other agricultural products.

Tolima is Colombia’s 3rd largest growing region accounting for roughly 12% of Colombia’s coffee production. The majority of varieties grown in Tolima are Castillo and Colombia, but there are many unique varieties, such as our Geisha, that are cultivated in Tolima. Along with its neighboring coffee-producing regions, Tolima is one of Colombia’s many producing treasures that buyers continuously seek out.

Finca Montverde Geisha Coffee

Geisha Coffee

This Geisha comes from Finca Monteverde in Tolima, Colombia. Giraldo Gutierrez Falla and the Gutierrez Falla family have cultivated this variety on their 15-hectare farm among other special coffee varieties such as Wush Wush, Red and Yellow Bourbons, and Moccas. For over 70 years they’ve cultivated their coffees on Monteverde and continue to excel in quality year after year.

All of their coffees are harvested at optimal ripeness and are entirely controlled from fermentation to drying. Unlike most of Finca Monteverde’s coffees that are naturally processed, this Geisha is a unique black honey process. The Gutierrez family aims to be a recognized and notable coffee farm in Colombia that offers exotic, rich, and high-quality varieties that are scarcely available such as their Geisha.

This Geisha coffee is black honey processed and is grown at 1850 MASL in the department of Tolima, Colombia. This coffee has a light body with flavor notes of black cherry, apple, and sugar-cane. We roast this coffee to perfection through a medium-light roasting profile. We feel this not only respects the producers of this coffee but also offers the true characteristics of this coffee and its origin while bringing out the incredible sweetness that is present in this cup.

Bag of Finca Monteverde Geisha coffee

This coffee is rare and limited throughout this holiday period. It’s a coffee you don’t want to miss out on as this kind of variety and process are extremely hard to come by. Enjoy a bag of our Finca Monteverde Geisha here!