How to pair your pancake day treats with coffee

fruit pancakes, Pancake Day, coffee and pancakes

Over breakfast, dessert or any time of the day, coffee and pancakes is an iconic food pairing. UK’s most popular food for Shrove Tuesday can be combined with a variety of coffees.

Sides and toppings are what make these fluffy cakes unique. Coffee highlights the flavours in your pancakes, and the toppings you choose will bring out the notes in your cup to achieve balance.

Whether you are making pancakes at home or enjoying them at our cafés in Summertown or The Covered Market, check out our pairing suggestions to try this Pancake Day.

pancakes with fruit, Pancake Day, coffee and pancakes

Sweet pancakes


Syrups are a classic topping for pancakes, being maple syrup the most popular. Syrups call for coffees with nutty, caramel or chocolate notes.


Fruits help to bring out the most subtle notes in coffee. You can enjoy pancakes with different combinations of fresh fruit. Pancakes with berries match better with washed coffees that have fruity flavour profiles for a sweet sensation in your mouth. For a contrasting combination, you can try them with naturally processed coffees to bring some acidity.

Pancakes with bananas match with chocolate tasting notes, and espresso-based beverages. Apple and other neutral-tasting fruits are better suited to floral flavour profiles.

Whipped cream

Together with syrup, whipped cream is the most common way to enjoy pancakes. It can be paired with a light or medium roast filter coffee with fruity or floral notes.


Nuts can be matched with coffees with nutty notes with complementary flavours.


In order to balance the intensity of chocolate, coffees with a light body and light or medium roasts are the best option. 

fruit pancakes, Pancake Day, coffee and pancakes

Savoury pancakes


Eggs can pair well with bright and acidic coffees to fill out the flavour profile.

Crispy bacon

With this classic staple, medium roasts should be your go-to option. These will allow the coffee to highlight the flavour of your pancakes without covering them altogether.


eggs and bacon pancakes, Pancake Day, coffee and pancakes

Whether you prefer to enjoy your pancakes with sweet or savoury toppings, there is a coffee for each one of them. However, you can experiment and create your own combinations to find your favourite pairings.

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