We Love Our Local Oxford Covered Market

We Love Our Local Oxford Covered Market

Local markets are the life of any city. Once a hub for gathering people, learning the latest news and shopping, they have evolved into spaces that still foster tourism, interactions and a display for high-quality, artisan products of all kinds. 

This year, the City of Oxford celebrates the 250th anniversary of The Covered Market. We could not be more excited to join both, this celebration and the #LoveYourLocalMarket initiative, as this is the place where our story started, and the one that saw us go from a small café to becoming an institution for Colombian coffee in our city.

Read on to learn more about this celebration and our story in the market.

How Everything Began at The Covered Market

Our company started in 2018, when Milly opened a micro roastery and café in The Covered Market to serve the finest Colombian coffee beans in Oxford, where she had just moved after concluding her studies in London.
The Covered Market is the place that saw us born and grow into the company we have become. Our market café has hosted international and Colombian barista champions. If you have visited us, you may have had the honour of being served by these rockstars.

Earlier this year, we renovated our café at The Covered Market (and we are proud of that gorgeous, new counter :)) with the scope of improving our barista workflow, and offering an improved customer experience.

Why The Covered Market is a Treasure to Oxford

Since its opening in 1774, when it started featuring  20 butchers' shops, The Covered Market has been a symbol of the city due to its architectural work. The market was designed by John Gwynn, who is also responsible for Magdalen Bridge, and has become a key part of Oxford’s heritage.

Currently, The Covered Market features a variety of retailers, from restaurants to cheese shops to vintage clothing and jewelers, among others. As Colombia Coffee Roasters, we are proud to be one of the many family-owned businesses that actively participate in the market life. Most traders also contribute to make the Oxford Covered Market highly diverse, as cuisines from all over the world can be found, as well as traditional English products.

Over the years, we have taken part in all kinds of events of significance to the city, like the visit of King Charles and Queen Camilla of England, and the yearly May Morning celebrations.

What’s Next

The market is planning a big celebration this year and we are happy to join. A series of events will be held throughout the year, with The Covered Market 250th Big Birthday Event happening in September 2024, in partnership with the Oxford Preservation Trust.

Stay tuned for BIG news from us this year and for all the celebrations ahead!

Check out our opening times at the Covered Market café.