Pop up farm shop at Colombia Coffee Roasters

Pop up farm shop at Colombia Coffee Roasters

As coffee professionals and coffee enthusiasts, we taste and enjoy coffees from all over the world while experiencing flavours that remind us of our favorite fruits, sweets, and, sometimes, flowers. However, to obtain a sensitive palate to taste these flavours, it’s important to maintain a diet of our everyday essentials, which includes fruits and vegetables. In these uncertain times, we understand how difficult it has become to obtain those essentials. With that in mind, you might have seen us on the BBC a few weeks ago, which is why we are so excited to make our Pop Up Farm Shop available to the public to obtain those everyday essentials!

Fruit and Veg Boxes

A few weeks ago, we made the decision to support our Oxford community by making fruit and vegetables available for purchase. We realised fruit and veg were scarce, along with many other essentials, such as milk, eggs, and bread. Since then, we’ve innovated and found ways to serve you by delivering these essentials to your home. We are proud to offer you the freshest produce to get you through these tough times. You can order your veg box here or find out about our choose your own service here and get it delivered straight to your door.

Coffee and More

Coffee and people are at the core of our business. We know coffee in the morning is an essential for many people, and with that, we are offering delivery for roasted coffee bags, as well as milk, eggs, and bread. Whatever your essential choice is in the morning, we have it for you and we are proud to be able to bring it to your doorstep.

Serving Our Community with our Pop Up Farm Shop

Our Pop Up Farm Shop has been a true blessing for us. Not only does it allow us to serve our community to the fullest, but it has also brought out the best of our community. We hope we can be a part of keeping you healthy during this time!