AeroPress: Rated best coffee maker……

The Aeropress was rated the best coffee maker.

There are many methods of brewing coffee. While personal preference is ultimately a determining factor, our experience has shown that for those embarking on a coffee journey, the Aeropress is a good place to start.

The Aeropress was created by Aerobie near Oakslands in the United States of America and while this quirky piece of apparatus appears complicated, it is in fact, remarkably simple to create a full bodied cup of coffee. It may take a little practice to get it “just right”, but we think it is not only worth the effort, it is a great way of experiencing coffee.

Like with anything, the tools of the trade are important. In addition to your Aeropress you will need ground coffee (ideally ground just before brewing), a digital, flat-bed kitchen scale, a timer and a wooden spoon.

Bring approximately 500g of water to the boil and set aside. Place a filter in the plastic cap. It should fit snuggly and assemble your Aeropress.

Next measure out 15g of ground coffee. The grind needs to be fine. This will improve the flavour of the final cup, as there will be more surface area of the coffee exposed to the water.

Place the Aeropress on the scale with the flared end up. The numbers will be upside down, but it is easier to brew this way and you are more likely to produce consistently good coffee, without risking leakage.

Carefully tip the coffee into the Aeropress. If any grinds get into the gutter, remove them, or it may be tricky to attach the cap. Now add 30g of the hot water. Do not use boiling water as this will scald the beans and can result in the final flavour being slightly sour. You want to coat all the grinds with water, but not fully immerse them – use your wooden spoon to gently stir the liquid. Set the timer for thirty seconds to allow the coffee grinds to bloom. This releases the oils and flavour.

Once the coffee has bloomed add 160g of the hot water and allow this to stand for a minute.

In the meantime, use the remainder of the hot water to wet the filter and cap. This will remove any chemicals from the filter paper, help it to stick to the cap and will heat your brewing vessel.

Now give the grinds a proper stirring and carefully attach the cap so as not to burn yourself. Now take a deep breath, and on the count of three, flip the entire apparatus over and on top of your brewing vessel. Gently, but firmly begin to press. If the press slides down easily – your coffee has not been ground finely enough. If the press feels like it is stuck in a mud-slick – your coffee is too finely ground… you will need to play around with this aspect. Once you hear a hissing sound, the coffee is brewed and ready to enjoy.

To clean up, unscrew the cap and pop the grounds and filter out. Clean the entire device in warm soapy water so it is ready for your next cup – as soon as the first is done…