Guest coffee from Rwanda

Guest coffee from Rwanda

Yes, we roast Colombian coffees and are always proud to do so. However, we also enjoy roasting coffees from other origins and featuring unique coffees that are otherwise hard to find. We’ve been fortunate to have been featuring a guest coffee from Rwanda. It’s a natural-processed coffee that is a burst of sweetness in your mouth. This has been an extremely unique and beautiful origin to work with as it has been a limited edition coffee. But what exactly makes this coffee beautiful and why do we keep raving about it? Learn more about Rwanda and this coffee!


Rwanda is an extremely unique, landlocked origin located in East Africa that is north of Burundi, south of Uganda, east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and west of Tanzania. Rwanda reaches ideal altitudes upwards of 2,000 meters with climate conditions ideal for producing coffee. Throughout their harvests, Rwanda typically produces and exports about 130,000 60kg bags annually with average farm sizes of about 1 - 4 hectares. Rwanda is an origin that has a rich and, at one time, dark history that has led Rwanda to find strength in becoming a leading specialty coffee producer worldwide. Among the coffee produced in Rwanda, bourbon varieties are one of the more common varieties that are cultivated along with washed and natural coffee processing. Cup profiles vary between floral and fruity cups that compete with other East African origins.

Credit: Kinni Coffee

Coffee Attributes

Our guest coffee from Rwanda has very unique and appealing attributes that are guaranteed to please the taste buds. The producer and processor of this coffee is the Kinini washing station in the Rulindo District north of Kigali. The coffee is a natural-processed bourbon variety that is grown at 2,000+ meters above sea levels. This coffee was harvested between September and November, which we were able to receive the freshest crop. 

This coffee’s cup attributes fruity and sweet notes of Blueberry, Chocolate, Lime, and Peach. This coffee also consistently scored at 89 points throughout multiple cuppings. We roast thighs coffee at a light roast in an effort to preserve the beautiful and delicate notes that come from this coffee. Ideally, this coffee is best brewed and served on pour over as well.

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