Wush Wush coffee from Finca La Natura for Valentine's Day

Wush Wush coffee from Finca La Natura for Valentine's Day

There is an arabica coffee variety that has gained an increasing popularity over the last few years, and has become highly appreciated all over the world by coffee consumers and professionals alike. Its name is Wush Wush.

Our most recent arrival is an anaerobic dynamic washed Wush Wush coffee from Finca La Natura, located in San Agustín, Huila, Colombia. Read on to learn more about it and why you should try this Valentine’s special release.

Wush Wush coffee

Originated in the region of Wushwush in Ethiopia, known for its highly fertile highlands, Wush Wush coffee has been brought to South America, where it thrived in Colombia thanks to the growing conditions that contributed to the development of its characteristic flavour notes.

Together with Geisha, it has become one of the most sought after coffee varieties. Each Wush Wush coffee offers its own flavour profile, but generally speaking, it has fruity notes and a sweet aftertaste.

Huila and Finca La Natura

Huila is a region in the south of the Colombian Andean region. This land hosts over 83,000 families that grow coffee, which accounts for 74% of the local population. It has been granted its own Denomination of Origin by the National Federation of Colombian Coffee Growers.

With an altitude of 2250 masl, Finca La Natura is “The Varietal Coffee Garden that touches the Sky and guards the Natural Forest”. Its goal is to protect biodiversity and create economic opportunities for vulnerable rural communities in the region, by producing high-quality exotic experimental coffees.

Together with a family of farmers, Felipe Ospina is the producer behind this project. He is a renowned and knowledgeable coffee professional who has been experimenting with coffee processing throughout his career.

Processing method

We have previously explained coffee fermentation, but we would like to give you some insight on how our Wush Wush has been processed:

Fermentation is one of the key stages in coffee processing, where coffee beans undergo chemical transformations to help remove the mucilage, which is the remaining layer that surrounds the bean after pulping. It involves microorganisms, such as bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

Recently, farmers have been experimenting with different cultures, fermentation times, temperatures and even additives, with the aim of obtaining specific tasting notes and other sensory attributes that will be present in your cup of coffee.

Felipe is a biologist and botanist who advocates for the use of native microorganisms that highlight the characteristics of the terroir and studies their interactions with the local environment. When entering surrounding water streams, foreign microorganisms may cause pollution and be detrimental for the local ecosystem. Anaerobic dynamic fermentation is a multi-stage fermentation technique that highlights complexity and clarity.

Finally, our Wush Wush is washed. This entails using water to remove the mucilage after the coffee has been fermented.

The Wush Wush from Finca La Natura offers tasting notes of cognac, vanilla, pecan, berries and cacao nibs. We recommend using a ratio of 1:2.5 for espresso or brewing it with a recipe of 15g per 250ml for filter and drip. This light roast is a great match for desserts to finish a romantic dinner or perfect for a coffee date with pastries or cake.

Happy Valentine's Day!