Cafe Food

Cafe Food

In the 21st century, consumers hold high expectations that cafes serve food and food of high-quality. From tasty pastries to well-made sandwiches, our high-quality coffees must be met with high-quality, good-tasting food. When visiting our cafe, it’s become essential to want to enjoy one of our weekend pizzas or one of our locally baked country bread. Read on to learn why we are committed to offering great food and why great coffee should always be paired with great food.

Our Commitment and Offerings

A part of offering high-quality specialty coffee is offering high-quality food at our cafes. This allows us to showcase that everything we do is of great attention to detail and with lots of love. Offering great food is a sign of care for not only the products we serve but also a sign of the care we have for our customers. By understanding the commitment to offering high-quality food and beverage products, we can continue creating a warm and welcoming community at our cafes.

For customers expecting a delicious pastry to go with their delicious coffee, our commitment is to offer that pairing all the time. Our offerings range from a variety of beverages, pastries, and artisan foods. With our beverages, you can enjoy a handcrafted latte/tea latte or a crisp and refreshing ice drink. For those looking for a bolder beverage, any of our filtered coffees will do the trick. To go a step further, we offer a variety of foods ranging from locally baked goods to handmade sandwiches. Our country bread is a locally baked loaf that pairs perfectly with any of our beverages. On some weekends we even offer a pizza that goes perfectly with any of our cold beverages for a yummy and refreshing feeling. Our sandwiches also hold a level of deliciousness that is unmatched.

The Food/Coffee Pair

Why the food/coffee pair? Food, whether it be pastries or cooked foods, and coffee have always held a special pairing throughout the latest wave of specialty coffee culture. The food/coffee pairing holds certain complementary flavours that subtly pleasing to the taste buds. Beyond care and attention to detail that is put into both consumables, certain palate combinations are perfect and delicious together. This type of pairing also creates a unique coffee shop experience that goes beyond a takeaway coffee.

Coffees hold certain natural flavours that are developed during processing, roasting, and brewing. Lots of times there are sweet and fruity flavour notes that come from the acidity. Because of this coffee notes be complemented with certain foods to balance these flavours and mouthfeels. For example, coffee with berry notes can be paired well with a chewy pastry with fruits as the texture and subtle sweetness will be overwhelming but also enough to taste the sweetness.

Food and coffee are a must in any cafe in the 21st century. At Colombia Coffee Roasters, we take pride in being able to offer foods and coffees that pair beautifully together. Check out our current offerings if you’re looking to pair your coffees with some of your foods at home.