Coffee brewing methods at home

Espresso coffee is extracted quickly and offers a much more dense and acidic flavour.

In the time of COVID-19, we find ourselves at-home, teleworking, and finding new ways to stay caffeinated. From pour overs to espressos, we’ll explore ways for you to brew delicious coffee at home and discover which beans are best for you. To keep you motivated, read on to explore different coffee brewing methods to keep you caffeinated at home!

Filter v Espresso: What They All Mean

First, let’s define some of the main coffee brewing methods. Filtered coffee is essentially when hot water is slowly poured over coffee grounds and through a filter. Filtered coffee can be made using a drip machine, a V60, a Chemex, or a Kalita. Because filtered coffee is extracted slowly, the acidity is not as high as you would find in espresso and is ideal for single origin beans.

On the flip side, espresso is brewed when hot water is pressurised over the coffee grounds. This causes the coffee to be extracted quickly and offers a much more dense and acidic flavour. Espressos usually require espresso machines in order to achieve the pressure needed to extract the coffee. However, espresso style coffee can also be achieved using an Aeropress, but more on this later.

Now that we’ve briefly covered two of the main categories for brewing delicious coffee, we can explore some of our favourite coffee brewing methods.

Exploring Coffee Brewing Methods

Kalita (Pour Over)

One of our favourite pour over methods is the Kalita. The Kalita offers the consistency needed to brew a clean cup and pulls all of the deliciousness of the coffee you want. Typically, pour over methods are best for light to medium roasts as they pull all of the notes and aromas from these coffees.

Fortunately for you, we’ve developed a “filter roast” for our limited Rwanda Red Bourbon Natural. With a Kalita, you’ll be able to pull the creamy body of a Red Bourbon and the unique blackberry notes. For our Kalita recipe, check out our video here!

Exploring Coffee Brewing Methods


As mentioned above, the Aeropress has the ability to brew an espresso-like coffee. While it’s not as pungent as an espresso from an espresso machine, it still produces a rich and delicious cup through a quick, pressurised extraction.

In order to really get the most out of your Aeropress, we recommend our Ethiopia Goro. We are sure that the Aeropress will produce an exceptionally rich coffee through it’s chocolatey, lemon notes. Our Aeropress recipe is in this video here!

Aeropress Coffee Maker


We know the Syphon is very different from filter coffee and espresso, but it remains one of our favourite ways to brew coffee. The Syphon uses two chambers: an upper and lower chamber. The upper chamber holds the grounds while the lower chamber holds the water. The water is heated at the bottom which then creates vapour pressure to push the water into the upper chamber where the water submerges with the coffee grounds.

The beauty of a Syphon is in the way it is able to produce a delicate, tea-like coffee, ridding it of any bitterness. Any of our Colombian medium roasts would be well-suited to this method of brewing your perfect cup of coffee. For an enticing intro to our Syphon recipe, check out our video here!

Syphon Coffee

Exploring Coffee Brewing Methods while Staying at Home

While there are so many more coffee brewing methods out there and more coffee science to be discussed, we hope this is just the start of exploring the endless possibilities of brewing great coffee at home. If you’re wondering where you can find some of these brewing tools, check out our online store for more. Cheers to staying caffeinated!