Our favourite iced coffee pour over recipe

Iced pour over coffee brewing recipe

As we enter the heat of the summer, hot drinks become less attractive and cold drinks more so. For specialty coffee lovers, our alternative is usually a nice cold brew, unless you still prefer a hot pour over on a hot day. However, there are options for those who want to reap the benefits of a pour over, but don’t want a hot drink. That option is a flash brewed pour over, or an iced coffee pour over. Read below to learn about a common recipe that we use at home!

Water to Coffee Ratio

Whether it’s a Chemex, V60, or a Kalita, your water to coffee ratio is just as important, except now we need to account for ice. We’ll be using a 1:15 ratio on a Chemex with 40g of coffee. The catch is instead of pouring 600g of water over 40g of freshly roasted medium-coarse ground coffee, we will be splitting that up with 300g of ice inside the Chemex and pour the remaining 300g of hot water (96°C) over the grounds.

iced coffee pour over

The Pour

Once your Chemex is prepared with the ice and coffee grounds inside, you can begin to pour 300g of hot water over the grounds. Just as with a normal pour over, be sure to allow your coffee to bloom in the first 30-seconds. Once the “bloom” is finished, continue your pour. We use the pulse pouring method where we pour 75g at a time in circles. Each incremental pour changes from pouring in to out circles, and then out to in circles.

iced coffee

Enjoy Iced Pour Over Coffee at Home

After you’ve finished the final pour, agitate the grounds and water for the final phase of the extraction. Once the extraction is finished, you should end up with a flat bed of coffee. Then, remove the filter and pour into your favorite glass.

As you’re enjoying this iced coffee, it should remind you of a refreshing iced tea with lots of caffeine. You’ll be sure to enjoy this drink on a hot summer’s day, all while feeling refreshed. Our filter roasted coffees would be the perfect coffees for this recipe, as well.

iced coffee

Flash iced coffees are great ways to keep your caffeine levels high but also enjoy a cold refreshment. It’s even better for those who don’t have a cold brew machine, but still want the ice cold feeling of a cold brew. Try it out and let us know what you think!