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This delicious red honey processed coffee has balanced acidity and a creamy body, and comes from a small farm in the Andean region of Colombia.

Origin info

Alban – Cundinamarca (Colombia)

  • Producer: Orlando Fierro
  • Variety: Caturra, Tabi
  • Altitude: 1,600 MASL
  • Aroma: Intense honey/vanilla, dried peaches
  • Flavour: Plums & intense syrupy sweetness

As part of the red honey process, the coffee cherry is partially pulped and removed, but a layer known as the “mucilage” remains on the bean. This sticky, slimy layer has a similar consistency to honey (hence the name).

The bean is then left to dry with the mucilage still intact, which imparts more sugar and makes the coffee sweeter. The result is a cup with a smooth, delicious body that has a more “syrupy” flavour than classic washed coffees, but also more intensity than natural processed coffees, too.

About the farmer

The farmer for this red honey processed coffee from Finca El Porvenir is Milly's uncle, Orlando Fierro. Orlando puts a special amount of care and attention into every coffee plant on his farm, and uses this unique red honey processing method to give this coffee an exciting, distinctive, and unique cup profile.

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