A Holiday Gift Guide For Colombian Coffee Lovers

A Holiday Gift Guide For Colombian Coffee Lovers

It’s Holiday season! that time that many of us have been waiting for during the year. We look forward to celebrations, family gatherings around the fireplace and children playing with their new toys. But what about coffee lovers who get excited to find their new favourite beans under the tree?

We put together this guide with thoughtful Christmas gifts for the coffee, tea, or chocolate lover in your life, or to give something more curated than a new pair of slippers. Here are some options for all budgets.

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Colombia Coffee Roasters Coffee Subscriptions

Coffee Subscriptions

Gift you loved ones a 3 month, 6 month or yearly coffee subscription straight to their door. You can go for your roasters choice or just pick your favourite to get weekly, monthly and fortnightly freshly roasted coffee delivery.

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AeroPress & Red Honey Processed Coffee

The sweetness of this coffee from Orlando Fierro’s farm (Milly’s uncle), attributed to the red honey process, together with the dark roast makes it ideal to brew with an AeroPress, for a seet, fruity and heavy bodied cup. Perfect to introduce this coffee-brewing method to those who are approaching the specialty coffee world.

Coffee-Drinking Kit

Our Oxford Holiday Bundle is the ultimate gift for espresso lovers. The Oxford Blend is made of a mixture of washed and naturally processed coffees from Cauca, Colombia and Amareto Matiqueira in Brazil. One of our most sought-after coffees, it is perfect for espresso-based beverages with milk! 

A reusable and stylish drinking cup and a tote bag make it a perfect gift for the student, worker or espresso lover on the go.

Batch Brewing Kit

To have the best Naturally processed coffee from Hacienda El Porvenir at home or at the office this kit will supply you with endless, high-quality filter coffee every day.

The Wilfa Classic allows you to prepare some delicious, professional-tasting filter coffee in less than five minutes. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3: add your desired amount of fresh ground coffee to the hopper, add up to 1L of water, press the button and wait. You have control over your flow rate, extraction time and water temperature, as well as smart maintenance features that remind you to clean the device, help you to conserve power, and prevent drips on the hot plate.

Coffee and Chocolate

Not really looking for a coffee gift? Check out these alternatives:

High Quality Tea Box

A collection of high-quality teas and infusions with festive flavours, perfect for the holiday season to warm up and enjoy during celebrations, and pair them with your favourite treats including our classic English Breakfast tea, Mulled Wine Tea, and Cocoa and Orange infusion.

Chocolate Box

These hot chocolates made of High-Quality Colombian cacao include our Best Seller Mestiza Hot Chocolate 100% cacao, our Casablanca white Hot chocolate, and a bag of roasted coffee beans covered in chocolate, to enjoy one of Colombia’s favourite sweet treats.

Colombia Coffee Roasters Gift Card

Gift Cards

Not sure about what that special person will like? Make their Christmas better with our Gift Cards!

Season’s greetings from our team!