Our coffee beans with your brew methods

Colombian coffees with Hario V60 brewing methods

Matching a great coffee with the perfect brew method can be a little daunting and challenging. Finding the right beans is, in itself, a difficult task. From light to medium roasts and pour overs to espressos, each of these factors has an important role in how you extract flavours and brew your coffee. However, we are here for you, to help you discover the right coffees for your perfect brew method.

Why does the roast and origin of coffee beans matter for brewing coffee?

The journey of a coffee is incredible. It takes special people to produce, export and/or import, produce, and roast coffee. So, as coffee consumers, we must do our part in brewing coffee to near-perfection. By doing so, we must first understand why roast profile and origins play an important role in finding the best brew method.

At Colombia Coffee Roasters, we offer mostly medium roasts and one light roast (filter roast), at the moment. Our medium roasts offer a good balance between achieving traditional chocolate, nutty notes while also highlighting the natural sweet flavors that come out of our coffees. Amidst our coffees, we have a selection of washed, honey, and natural processed coffees, which means that we take great care when creating a medium roast that is well-balanced and brings out unique aromas and flavours. Our filtered roast is similar in the sense that we create lighter profiles to highlight the floralness and complexity of this coffee. In this case, our filtered roast is a Natural Red Bourbon Rwandan coffee, so you can expect a bright, full-bodied, and well-balanced coffee with strong berry notes.

On the other hand, understanding the origin is another critical step in being able to match your coffee with the perfect brew method. Our core origin, Colombia, is at the heart of our roastery, but we are also fortunate to offer African origins such as Rwanda and Ethiopia. First and foremost, all of our coffees come from high-altitude regions, which means you can expect dense and bright coffees. Our Colombian coffees are typically renowned for the care and detail that is put into their processing methods, which has helped the country become known for producing some of the highest quality coffee in the world. Our African coffees (Ethiopia and Rwanda) are typically known for their complexity and brightness.

Colombian Coffee Roastery

Filtered Roasts and Pour Overs

Now that you know our roast profiles and our origins, it’s time to match them up with brew methods.

We believe pour overs are best done with our filter roast coffee (Rwandan). Because filtered roast coffees have a shorter development, they allow coffees to highlight their individual flavour notes. Because of a slower extraction time, pour overs allow us to achieve and pull in all of the flavour notes that are prevalent from a filter roast coffee. One of our Hario V60’s or Kalita Waves could be the perfect fit when brewing our Red Bourbon Rwandan Natural.

Brewing coffee with Hario V60

Medium Roasts and Espressos

Espressos and espresso-like brew methods are other common ways to brew coffees. Our medium roasts allow the coffee to develop more solubles, which makes it ideal for espresso drinks. Fortunately, we have a variety of Colombian coffees that are fantastically suited for this style of brewing coffee. Specifically, we’ve developed a medium roast profile made for espresso drinks with our fully washed Gentleman’s Espresso from Narino, Colombia. You can expect to achieve a well-balanced coffee with a creamy body and a hint of hazelnut in its aroma. For those who enjoy an Aeropress, our fully washed Federacion Campesina from Cauca, Colombia will get you a well-balanced, smooth coffee, with a lively acidity and a lasting residual elegant aftertaste.

Brewing espresso coffee

You’ve now been matched! How will you enjoy our coffees and which brew methods will you use to brew them? Let us know your thoughts and we hope you are able to reap the benefits of drinking exceptional coffees through your perfect brew methods!