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Things to do in Oxford This Autumn

The place that saw us born and thrive is full of venues worth visiting and a beautiful predominant gothic and baroque architecture. Walking through its historic roads takes you back in time. As an international hub with around 7 million yearly visitors, Oxford offers also an alternative climate, full of students, academics, business people and tourists. Find out the best things to do in Oxford.

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Summer Coffee Drinks: Iced Coffee Recipes to Try at Home
We have selected some classic and popular iced coffee recipes, from cold brew to iced latte to try this summer. Many of them are espresso-based beverages, but you don’t need state of the art coffee gear. All you need is your French press or moka pot. You can also try different variations and add flavourings such as syrups. 
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Sustainable Coffee Produced by Indigenous Peoples Who Protect Mother Earth

Between northern Colombia and Venezuela, close to the Caribbean coast and Milly’s hometown lies the Serranía del Perijá. The area is also home to around 700 families of indigenous peoples that have inhabited the Serrania del Perijá and the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta for centuries.  Our newest arrival of Colombian coffee is the product of their efforts. Learn more about their work and why their coffee is environmentally sustainable.

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